The Campaign

Narrative of the Global Campaign

We do not want post 25 April to be forgotten, both as a reminder of what we have lost, and consequently fueling our resolve over a long period to strive harder during the onerous rebuilding efforts, in a more systematically and meaningfully manner. Through this blog, we hope to communicate with rest of the world, the nuances of what people in Nepal experienced in through the past month.

In the wake of the deadly April earthquake, Daayitwa is organizing a global campaign, Nepal Rising, for relief, rebuilding, and resiliency in Nepal. In road to recovery, it is critical to share the experiences, lessons and learnings globally. As such, a global platform is created to ensure we can find solace and solidarity in our concerted effort for achieving the shared goal of pulling the nation out of the rubble and in to path of resilience. Any organization or individual is welcomed to share their opinions, thoughts, progress, and ideas in this blog.

As we proceed to rebuild Nepal, we will have these write ups and consequent discussions as future point of reference. Given the difficulties that lie ahead in the immediate future—incessant tremors, a heavy monsoon, a seemingly dysfunctional civil society, and a desperate state caught off guard— it is quintessential to start deliberating on issues that have not yet been addressed can be blogged here.


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